Economics publications

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Other peer-reviewed publications and conference proceedings

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Working papers and work in progress

Distributional Equity in the Employment and Wage Impacts of Energy Transitions”, with Hannah Gagarin and Ben Hoen, revisions resubmitted to Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Geographic Spillovers of Wind Energy Development on Employment and Wages”, with Hannah Gagarin and Ben Hoen, revisions requested from Energy Research & Social Science.

How good are weather shocks for identifying energy elasticities? A LASSO-IV approach to European natural gas demand”, with Merve Turan and Tulay Flamand, under review at Journal of Commodities Markets.

The Pain of Paying with Other People’s Money: Evidence from Domestic Partners,” with Aaron Enriquez and Linda Thunstrom.


Leakage in regional climate policy? Implications of market design,” with Brittany Tarufelli


Remittances and small-scale coastal fishing in a developing country,” with Ed Barbier.


Energy efficiency, green technology, and the pain of paying,” with Dayana Zhappassova and Linda Thunstrom.

“Quantifying the role of midstream congestion and market structure in Permian flaring”, with Mark Agerton, Wesley Blundell, and Gregory B. Upton Jr.

"Local economic benefits of wind component manufacturing," with Maxwell Fleming.

“Ambient pollution mechanisms with remote sensing technology: An application to the oil and gas industry,” with Mark Agerton


“Corporate governance, electricity restructuring, and the cost of capital for abatement technologies,” with Chenyang Xu and Klaas van ‘t Veld.


“Overlapping environmental and financial regulations: The role of corporate governance,” with Sridhar Gogineni, Klaas van ‘t Veld & Chenyang Xu.


“Monetary metal: Estimating key economic factors driving gold prices”, with Andrew Moore.


“Firm Boundaries with Impure Public Goods”


“Technology Shocks and Capital Investment in the Commons,” with Benjamin Fissel.

 “Studying effective reciprocity in online labor markets”, with Shivani Mathur.

 “Oil and gas well targeting: Associated gas, wet gas, and the implications for supply and methane emissions”, with Gavin Roberts.

“Rotary-rig parity: The drilling rate-augmented relationship between oil and gas prices”, with Gavin Roberts.

 “Is residential solar an aesthetic amenity or disamenity? Valuing preferences for architectural alternatives,” with Anthony Denzer and Jon Gardzelewski.

“Social Image, Signaling, and Sorting: Evidence from a Discrete Choice Experiment with Solar Homes,” with Anthony Denzer and Jon Gardzelewski

“Emotions in risk-taking and spending,” with Linda Thunstrom and George Loewenstein

Media and other writing

The Key to Reducing Methane Emissions? Actual Measurement. Forbes Energy, Baker Institute Blog, with Mark Agerton. (August 16, 2021)

Rolling Back Trump's Methane Rules Isn't Enough: We Need a Methane Tax to Buy Time to Decarbonize. Forbes Energy, Baker Institute Blog, with Mark Agerton and Jim Krane. (July 12, 2021)

Integrating Technology and Incentives to Reduce Methane Emissions. Payne Institute Commentary Series, with Mark Agerton. (March 16, 2021)